Alexandre D. B. Jesus



C++ library containing several utilities to aid in the implementation of multi-objective optimization algorithms, such as: quality indicators, dominance relations, sets of non-dominated points/solutions, queues of solutions.

Github, Zenodo


C++ library and solver for the multi-objective binary knapsack problem, which includes several state of the art algorithms.

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R library to help analyze the anytime behavior of algorithms, which provides several publication ready ggplot2 plots, and a scalar measure of anytime performance.

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C++ library for building and updatings sets of nondominated points, providing several methods to filter the nondominated points from a larger set, and a method to add nondominated points to a set.

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C++ library and binary for computing models of anytime performance. Currently, it supports a theoretical model of anytime performance for bi-objective anytime algorithms that find at each iteration a solution to a bi-objective problem.

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Rust library and binary to compute the ideal anytime behavior theoretical model for bi-objective anytime algorithms that collect an efficient solution at each iteration.

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